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Seeking Odin's blank

I'm able to find the Macro of Odin Cat, but not the blank of the one eyed cat used for the picture. I do NOT recommend googling "One-eyed cat" in quotes and clicking Images. *Shudder*

I'd also like to find a blank of a kitten licking an adult cat, if you know of any.

Lastly, I have a "concept" for a macro I can no longer carry out because my cat is a very neat and fastideous eater of gushy foods, and the cat I was fostering who was perfect is now at the Humane Society.

The concept requires a cat who is a VERY messy gushy foods eater, and a bathroom scale. Some clean-up will be required afterwards LOL...

Put the gushy food on an undersized plate, place it directly on the bathroom scale, and feed the cat. Wait until the food is pushed around, preferably waiting until the food at least partially covered the readable part of the scale, then snap blanks!

Add your own text and please share blanks.

I shall ever kick myself for not grabbing the camera before she had had her fill...
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