Kittydoom (kittydoom) wrote in cat_macros,

From Your Mod

This post has gotten way out of fucking hand. I am disappointed and a little annoyed at the behavior displayed there. I do not tolerate arguments and petty bickering of any sort in my community. I am, for the moment, leaving the post up so you can all see what has happened. I have, however, frozen all threads. Think of it as an example of behavior to avoid.

When people don't put things behind a cut, go ahead and tell them about it. It's fine. And when people are breaking rules left and right, a bit of mocking is fine. But for fuck's sake, we do not need half a dozen people jumping down their throat all telling them the same thing. If someone else has already said something to them, don't pitch in to crucify them. Chances are, I will see the post and address the matter to them myself. I might not get to it OMGRIGHTAWAY, but I will get to it.

Also, on the matter of "inappropriate" content or the general snarkiness of posts/comments: Yes, we do have a community for cat macros containing questionable content, wtf_catmacros. But that does not mean that those same macros cannot be posted here if the poster so chooses. The only requirement in this community is that they are, in fact, cat macros. You may or may not be aware, but cat macros were born of internet assholery and therefore, a certain degree of misbehavior is to be expected. This goes not only for the posts, but also for the comments.

I am not going to force this community to be PG-13. This is, after all, the internet. People are going to misbehave and post questionable material and you, as an internet user, should be aware of this. I will not sanitize my community because a few people get offended. I am not, however, revoking the rule banning dead/tortured cats. I still consider that to be unquestionably offensive and inappropriate considering the community's subject matter. It has been requested that I expand that rule to include that cats in distress be similarly banned, but that is a subjective term and I do not want to encourage debate on the presumed mindset of every cat that is posted. This is an issue where I expect you to use your best judgment.

Furthermore, when someone posts pictures of a cat which has since died, it is completely inappropriate to use that against them in any way, shape, or form. That's just fucking wrong.

Basically, what this all boils down to is fucking behave yourselves. Any arguments, any trolling, any disruption of any sort is not going to be tolerated. Use your best judgment and don't start any trouble in my community. I will reach through the internet tubes and beat you up if need be.
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