C Haller (laureen_kreen) wrote in cat_macros,
C Haller

Bob and Latte

Okay, I posted a couple of these before, but I finally got all my photos scanned... here is the rest of Bob and Latte (some are repeats)... please macro my lost babies

These were my babies
The orange one is Bob (he has a bobbed tail) and the other one is Latte... her coloring reminded me of a latte

Below is Latte on her own... I think this pic was taken same time as the above

Bob being in a quiet mood                                                                     This is normally where I could find Bob

Or here

This is the saddest pic I have of them... this pic is the last one I took of them before I had to give them up the following morning

Well those were my babies... I miss them terribly.  I will post more pics of my cats of when I was younger... I can't have cats right now so no recent pics.
I also posted these last night in the </a></b></a>kittypix community
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