Krankhaft Katze (ripmorbidkitty) wrote in cat_macros,
Krankhaft Katze

Apology for What not sure..."Jazz Hands"??

Somehow a picture I posted didn't turn out to be what I saw. I'm not sure what you all saw, because all I saw...was a kitten with a beer can dancing with its paws in a move that looks like "jazz hands". That is what I posted....was a kitten with a beer can. I even previewed it before posting it. I have no idea what happened. I found the picture of....a kitten with a beer can....on like that.

I have no idea what you all saw...I can tell from the emails that it was something wrong. I took it down because of the emails. When I took down the picture...all I saw was....a kitten with a beer can.

So I'm really confused as to what happened. I have no idea what happened or how something that you all saw even got posted...cus I sure as hell would never look at anything nasty or even post it. I don't know what happened.

I'm really sorry for the confusion and chaos.

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