Shadigo Tenjoin (shadio_xp) wrote in cat_macros,
Shadigo Tenjoin

Shadio_XP's TV Burp?

I was watching part of an episode of Harry Hill's TV Burp from a couple of weeks ago on YouTube [link] when this came to mind:

i has a car.

(sorry about the small res... blame my YouTube video downloader... :P )

So Big and Epic (haw) - it need the Lj-Cut... :P A Question that baffles even the greatest of smart people... and probably most of 4chan too...
But Which is better?  Longcat or Tacgnol?  There's Only One Way To Find Out...
(Click the image for a bigger one. [800 x 600] )

For those who don't get it: before the commercial break on TV Burp, Harry often asks which is better of two things (like "Babies or Cats" (from The Apprentice), "White Rat or Brown Rat" (from a nature programme) and "Mars or Meat" (from Life on Mars and The Bill) or even Jesus and Hitler.) to which the only way to determine who's better is to have a Fight. There is never an actual outcome on ANY pre-break fight that's been aired.

"i has a car" BLANK
because i promised it in the LJ-cut title:
It's a BLANK!! =O

And With that... POW! I'm gone.
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