R is for Raygun (kleenexwoman) wrote in cat_macros,
R is for Raygun

I'm an undergrad student doing a research paper on image macros. I'm interested in getting as many different points of view on macros as possible, and I've received permission from kittydoom to post a survey for any interested members of this community to take. If you don't want to answer all of these in comments and are still interested in being a primary source, please e-mail me at kleenexwoman42@yahoo.com with your responses to the questions, and the name or pseudonym you'd like me to use (if none, you will be referred to as Anonymous #n).

1. How did you hear of the cat_macros community? What made you want to join or watch it? Are you more interested in the "macro" part of the community, or the "pictures of cute cats" part?

2. Was the cat_macros community your first exposure to image macros? If not, which website was? If so, have you since sought out other types of image macros or encountered the use of other types of image macros on another website?

3. Do you belong to other macro communities (such as wtf_catmacros, image_macros, or all_macros)? How is your experience with these communities different from your experience with cat_macros?

4. Have you posted images from cat_macros on LJ or other message-board websites as responses to other users, or seen them used? (Context, examples are appreciated!) Have you seen images you'd first seen on other websites posted here afterwards?

5. Have you made and posted your own cat macros? If so, did you think of the caption/text before you found an appropriate picture, or have a picture you wanted to think of a caption/text for? What was the nature of the macro or macros?

6. Macros often refer to Internet memes that are started in a different context (such as "Day I Got Cookie", "Shoop da woop," "jesus christ it's a lion get in the car," or a long list of others, may not be totally SFW), which users not familar with the context may not understand. Have you seen images with captions that refer to in-jokes or memes you are not familiar with? If so, did you still find these amusing or understandable? What made them appeal to you?

7. It is a common practice to intentionally use misspelled words or bad grammar on cat macros. What is your opinion of this practice? Why do you think it was adopted?

Any other thoughts or experiences on the subject of cat macros or image macros in general will be appreciated.

Thank you!
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