December 21st, 2006

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Another Need for Captioning

Hi all!

Yet another newbie plea for captioning.  :)  I have no fotoshop sklllz (nor photoshop for that matter!  :p), but His Royal Majesty, Lovecraft, is just begging to be captioned in these pics:

Here is the link to him in all his glory...

(There are not really cropped, so I am not gonna post the pics up because they are so large in size - trying to be dial-up friendly!  ;) )

Love the pics and am laughing at the captioning I've seen! 
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Macro my cats!

Can I just say that this comm is the epitome of awesome? Nothing like cat macros with your coffee to start the day out right.

I lack the unique skill of finding precisely the right words to add to an image in order to make it beverage-spraying funny, but I do have some cute cat pictures to contribute to the cause!

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I had a sudden fear that cat macros were the internet's version of those "Just Hang In There" motivational posters that you see in dentists' offices.

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Then I thought, no, not really.
rude- Eh
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Tub Hazel

Hello, new person here.
Some of your macros were just hysterical...
mine isn't as good but it's my first, anyway.. XD
I hope you enjoy.
(click for big)