December 22nd, 2006

DS touch

Noob here. ^_^

I just found this community because of the spotlight, and I'm loving all these macros! I've stayed up at least an hour or 2 just looking through all the posts.

Anyway, the puter I'm on lacks photoshop, and I've got some pictures of mah kitty that could probably use some captions. I also lack caption creativity at the moment.

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Caption away. ^_^
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kitty linguistics

i studied english in college and have a lingering obsession with how text is used in popular culture. so, i'm wondering why the majority of the cat macros use text which is intentionally spelled "wrong" and is generally ungrammatical. is it supposed to enhance the cuteness factor? is it because cats do not have a written  language and therefore write in broken english when they try? something else entirely?


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A request

Dear cat_macros,

Just a simple request from you users.

If possible, could you upload the original images alongside your pictures? While I admire your text-adding attempts, some are just simply unreadable and would appreciate a chance to personalize them with my own text.

Yeah, I know it's my first post in here and I don't wanna seem like a crybaby about it, but I'm just throwin' that out there.

If anyone heeds this, I thank you from my cat-loving heart.

Y'all have a great Christmas.

And don't forget that...



Seems like a lot of people are saying they don't know how to make macros or don't have the software. I make mine in good ol' Paint. You don't need Photoshop. Any little drawing program will do.

9 quick and dirty steps to cat macro glory

1. Find picture.
2. Rightclick on it.
3. Save as.
4. Go to paint, open picture.
5. under "Image" on the toolbar, make sure "Draw Opaque" is unchecked.
6. Make a text box, tyep ur wurdz gud n cleer.
7. Upload picture to whatever filehoster you have. I use photobucket.
8. Get URL from hosting site



(no subject)

i got a new kitten last week and she's turning into a great lil hunter, but she is constantly returning to me to check in and is ALWAYS under my feet or trying to stand between my legs, so i made a quick macro with her ferocious lookin pic...
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part of the plan


I happen to love cats, and I can blame my family for that.

As such, I've made a few over the last year and have decided to post them here. The last two are not my images though I added text so I can't assume credit for them. The first one is my mom-in-law's cat Figaro.

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speak of it but softly

Livejournal spotlight is doom!

So i just saw this community on the LJ spotlight and since i can't stop laughing, i'm here.

I bring you pictures of cats.
I saw this one on the community and modified it myself. They aren't very good. Same pic twice. Sorry. I'm working on it. Lacking a cat of my own for the moment (rest his little kitty body), i'm gonna have to use yours.

I'm in ur photoz. Usin ur catz.
hold my shark


Great community -I love those cat macros and a friend just told me about this community, so I thought I'd share on of my own!

That's my one of my three cats, Moey, and she just loooves the holiday season.