December 23rd, 2006

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Nother n00b

After this, I probably won't post again. Lurk and learn the ropes and enjoy the awesomeness of everyone else who know what they're doing.

Despite that, I couldn't pass this up.

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n00b post

Just joined here. This community keels me ded with cute :D

So I have a couple of plain pics to be capped. It's not my cats unfortunatley D: The first is my cousins' cat Tiger, the second is their other cat Lucifer and the last is my friend's cat Sparrow.

Oh and,

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Didn't make that one. Just found it somewhere and thought it was cute :)

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Pics to be macro'd

Um, hey! I am a lurker with no cats in my home, but I DO have pics of the cat that used to live around our apartment building. Snicklefritz the cat has since passed on, but, um, since I have no talent to make my own macros, I thought some of the more experienced people here could use them?

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Doktor Schnabel
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Watch out...

I didn't make this one, but I haven't seen it on here, or on any of those pages that have, like, 1000 cat pictures and cat macros.  But, sorry if it's one that's SO OLD everyone just KNOWS not to post it.  I don't want to be redundant.

I think it's hilarious.  The expression on the dude's face is priceless. He's so...focused.
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(no subject)'s a few macros I made because I was feeling a little bit cynical. They're not meant to meant to be funny. I just looked at these cats and tried to imagine what they were saying. The grammar and spelling is all correct because these cats didn't look like grammatically incorrect cats.

As an added bonus, a photo I 'shopped in Microsoft Digital Image which is just as good as 'Shop and a whole lot cheaper. I think it's hilarious myself...but...ya know. Open for comments.

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