December 24th, 2006


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Hm, I didn't get to post my intricate plan of what I was going to do to the zippo kitty poster. Oh well. I posted it on their profile which i think is just a junk profile anyway.

But I shall make a post of some sort now.

Well lets see now, which ones have i done myself?

Hmmmmm, here we are:
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(however I want to change "halloo" to "herrow" seems more appropriate

and my last one as of yet (I have many that I'm working on),

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oh and merry Christmas eve everyone.

Oh, wanna know something ironic? I'm allergic to cats, really really bad. In fact, I have a dog and don't have a cat. Oh wellz. Cats make me laff.
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My cat, Banzai!
This probably isn't as funny as the other posties, but I wanted to show off my cat in a sink.
And, uhh, cat talk in the captioning?
I dunno. I kind of imitated it from the other pictures....I hope that's alright.


Macros, ahoy.

Well, I present my own kitty. There's one macro and 4 or 5 blanks (All should be 800x600px) for you witty people behind the cut!
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My very own Christmas-cat Rufus is the model : D
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and another one, and another one

That's right. Another newpersonherrre.
But I read the rules, so please don't kill me.

Unfortunately, I'm not the creative type.
But I do have three kitties!
And some pictures of (two of) them desperately needing captions.
(The last kitty is camera-shy.)

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Sorry; they're not the craziest or funniest pictures ever, but they're what I can find and our camera is kind of dead currently...
But I've been lurking around for a while before I decided to post.
So I know you guys are really good at this thing.
Eeee...! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

And Happy Holidays!
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This pic was taken while I was attending veterinary technician cat (Neko) was in a zip-up bag, which is what some places use for fractious cats. You can simply pull a leg out to deliver IV sedation, other medication, etc...without losing your fingers/arm/eyes. As you can see, Neko was not at all thrilled.

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I'm a newb to this but I have 5 cats and I'm constantly taking pics of them poor babies. We also foster parented 5 kitties a few months back and I'm still sorting out the picks. Heres my first attempt:

And here is a blank canvas of Loopy Louie cat:

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give me a hug

STOP! It's noob time!

Hallo. Noob here, bearing noobish macros. I did try to lurk a bit and see what everyone else was posting first before joining and making my own, though, so please don't flame too hard. Thank you!

Also, images shamelessly swiped from a Google image search. Not my cats.

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