December 27th, 2006

pissed kitty

capchuns pleezey?

i seen the site and love it! i have a few ideas but im not sure if they're worthy... heres a couple pics behind the cut of my tabby viceroy and hopefully my cut works... im new to using that feture too lolz
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silly squash pete

Here again!

Well, after posting my post with my (long since missing) cat Pocky, I begged my sis to get me some pics of our new cat, Seadog, so that we could get some captions for her as well.

So please.

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TEH Siamese Smackdown! (Miko)

Yet Another n00b!

Like many before me, I found this community via the LJ Spotlight page, and I'm pretty sure I'll fit right in. I've actually been making "Cat Macro" images for awhile, mainly for my own amusement, I just didn't realize there was a whole community where I could post them! Needless to say I'm very pleased! I never cease to be amused by "IM IN UR FRIDGE" and all those other infamous images. ^_^

Anyway, without further ado, I present my very own cats in their full-colour, snarkily photogenic splendour! This first one is of my cat Gracie, the others are behind the cut. Enjoy!

This is my personal fave:

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This is my poor fat thing, Snowflake. She got butt surgury, so she currently has a cone on. A friend of mine works at the vet she's at, and snapped me this picture of my utterly pathetic cat. Apparently she sits like that all day...until you open the cage. Then she backs her butt out towards you as if to say "LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO MEEEEEE"

Based on the most emo song in the world. EVER.