December 28th, 2006

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omg macros

i'm new at making these, so sorry if they suck. i have the blanks too, if anyone wants them. the larger cat is my cat, Trouble. the smaller cat is my cat as well, named Squeak.

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My first post

I just joined! And yes, this is my actual cat. I showed it to a friend after I added text, and I wonder if it's floating around in the internet. His name is All-In, and it was just..priceless xD

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little blue dog


OK, since this com went ballistic due to the LJ spotlight, new cat macros are being generated like crazy. Fortunately, some of them are even funny. ;)

I thought it might be useful to link to databases in this entry ... if kittydoom, our fleshlight-wielding ubermod approves this idea, maybe she can link it in the userinfo and we can have it as a handy archive ... for example for nOObs and/or other interested parties to have a look at "the classics" or perhaps for some blank images needing captions.

For example, here's a good archive of cat macros.

Here's another one with several hundred macros and blanks.

Please reply with any you've discovered.

Finally, to comply with Rule #1, here's my fave:

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(no subject)

I have a few pictures of my kitty, Tach (A.K.A. Tiatsi). Most of them need some captions, so I'll leave those up to you wonderful people. ;)

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I'll probably have more of the other three of my cats once I get my camera fixed. ^^
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A plethora of pics

Hello, newbie here. I have a treasure trove of cat pictures (without text) that I took at my aunt's house. Her cats' names are Emily and Charlotte (yes, like the Bronte sisters), and they are awesome. Feel free to macro these. :D I would, but I don't think I have any funny things to put on any of them... Maybe some of you can think of things. XD


Hello everyone! This is my first post, so I thought I'd introduce myself and my cats...

My name's Angie, and I have three cats, all males: Twighurr, Mr. Scribbles, and Toffee Jenkins. Twighurr is gray with black stripes, Scribbles is all black, and Toffee is white with toffee colored markings (thus his name!)

My cats do weird things all the time so I hopefully I'll have funny pictures. We'll see!
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Hi all, I'm also new, but man...those pictures of cats with funny captions just about make me lose my mind. Here is one of my cat, Pal, who I've had for 12 1/2 years. A friend of mine did the funny caption and sent it to me.

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viceroy baby

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and moar kittehs 4 u 2 b marhkoheeng y/n?

the smaller brown and copper tabby is a stray i fostered a few months back i took the liberty of naming her "quirk" as she was different from any other kittieh ive owned... it also helped inspire her name due to the fact that her tail layed flat on her back @_@ but feel free to marco my kibbies there will be more to come of my new addition of permanent household kibbies!! (though i dont think mah bf will let me foster anymore till we get out of teh apartment and into a house! lolz)
viceroy baby

(no subject)

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**edit** theres a story behind this pic! )i forgot in the original... lolz) that kibbie there is my cutie (she was my bfs sisters cat until she moved out and left the cat.) we took her when we moved from his moms house to our apartment... last year over thanksgiving she unexpectedly past away and i am still sad about it... she was an overgrown kitten lol who even at about four years old couldnt control her claws! very talkitave too... she kept pestering me that morning so i decided to get my camera phone and snap a shot... it came out much better than i expected and i sent that txt to my bf**/end edit