December 29th, 2006


Noob Incoming!

Yep, I's a noob. Here's my first macro. I didn't have access to Photoshop at the time so I just used Paint =] Loooks like SHEEET but whatever. I'll have more to come with better fonts, promise! Till then, don't let it make your head explode with noobie-ness. This is my cat Whiskers, bytheway. AKA Chowser.


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Rug Cat is Pleased

I've been watchin' you guys for a while, and I love these things. I found a picture of my cat, Tornado, on my hard drive and decided to have a go. Hope you like it. Original included under the cut, for those with better ideas. :3

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I had to make these.

I know I posted recently, but I have to share this.

Okay, so, a friend & I recently created a graphics community and I had to make these. Couldn't hold back.

ATTENTION: This is not shameless pimping!

Behold . . .

110 graphics. 1 friends only sign, 109 icons. All cat_macros inspired. There's a huge blurb at the top of this at the graphics community about this, so I'll just leave it out of here. Unless you really want to see it, that is.

1-109: Icons.
110: Crappy header.


Also, if you'd like credit for your cat, macro, or picture let me know. I have no problem with doing so! Just comment the entry with what number [s] you'd like credit for [and please, be sure it's actually your cat/picture/macro!], and I'll be sure to credit you.

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Cross posted to themoustache.

If this isn't allowed, please let me know. I could even take out the link & just post the macro'd icons.
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here's my first cat macro evar, of sorts. i made the icon i'm using ages ago, and it wasn't until the beauty of cat macros all over the interwebs did i get inspired to make my own.

this is my baby, shadow. she's actually 13, but we've only had her for two years after a relative of my boy decided she didn't want her anymore; it was either her going to a shelter or us taking her under our wing. she's been treated badly in the past, but i like to think she's happy now and has a loving home. she's quite a character although she isn't very fond of the camera.

anyway, onto the macro. i'll put it under a cut incase it's too big.

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I didn't make this, but I've always loved it. I found it as someone else's LJ icon.

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Serious bebop

[edited my duh, this isn't Trane it's Bird!]

This is Charlie Parker with the "serious cat" look, and Dizzy Gillespie.

The idea came from my husband, who really is a serious jazz cat.
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A tribute to Interw3b

You can sort of look at this post as a kind of book-end tribute to two ages of the intartubes - One back when AOLers were first let out of the "walled garden" and one with today's MySpace emo-fest in full effect.

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First post

Found picture, added caption. My cats are way too stealthy to be caught in embarrassing positions (so far, but just you wait little monsters, just you wait!)

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

haha I was going through pictures I had taken last year and I found this. These are my friends and my friend's cat Miko. Poor poor Miko. I bet he wished he could fire his lasers.

Noob time

Hi everyone! I just discovered cat macros in general. Here's my first contribution to the interwebs, cat-macro-wise.

Not sure if it counts, but the crown is 'shopped. But to make it all better, here's
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rat kitten

From a request post

The text is actually on the image. I put a white background so I could use black now it looks like I wrote the text ABOVE the image. heh...I guess I'm still perfecting my image-fucking skills!