January 5th, 2007

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Loving this community. Next time I'm at my folks' house I really should try to snap some shots of my cats and contribute something worthwhile. In any case, I -do- have one image I thought may work for macro'ing, but I can't think of anything witty right now that isn't "Hush my dear, our love is forbidden, and they may hear us" Which is far too wordy. Feel free to try your hand at it if you like. By the way, the cat is Braveheart, and the dog is Boo Radley.

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angry little asian girl

From Your Mod

If you have to preface your post with something like, "Not A Macro But It's Fucking Cats," DON'T POST IT IN THE COMMUNITY. There are plenty of places on the internet for you to share cute cat pictures. This community is for cat macros and cat macros ONLY. If you do it, I will delete your post. Become a repeat offender and you will be banned.
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british russian kitties!

i made these macros with pictures from peppercats.ru, which you should all totally go look at because there are LOTS of pictures of really really cute and expressive kitties. if anyone else wants to macro other pictures from there, you should, because i don't think we'd run a risk of getting caught stealin these piccies, since it's a Russian site...

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My First Macro...

is here:.

Link to the full-size pic.

Feel free to, as Johnny Storm would say, FLAME ON!!!

EDIT - It looks like some folks aren't able to view the pic in the entry, anyone have any ideas what I'm either not doing right or doing wrong?

EDIT - I forgot to mention her name: Lucy.
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