February 24th, 2007

Nagel Asiri by Thornwolf

My own kittehs, macro'd

Long time reader, new poster and new to making cat macros, plz to be gentle? Kthx. ^^

I apologize for the crappy pix, but my phone camera is the only thing I have to take pictures with right now. So, with no further ado, we have Sid, the fat brown tabby... Mimi the sealpoint snowshoe... and Storm, the lynxpoint snowshoe.

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proverb - oh baby

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I lurk around here all the time so I figured I put a couple of pics up of my cats to see what kind of awesome macros you guys can come up with. Once I'm out of school, I hope to try my hand at it too. :D

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It's a good number of pictures and for that I apologize. I just can't pick a couple out of them because they're all cute...to me anyway. XD



This first one here is of my late kitty Bobby...The story behind this is that we took all the groceries out of the car one day, and then suddenly the cat went missing. And we found him. And he was pissed at us. 

A few more of my pets, and then some of the other peoples' in the community. 
*EDIT* I'm breaking this into two posts so people aren't mad at me.

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