February 28th, 2007

love flower

Kitteny Cuteness

First time poster. Sorry if these have been posted before, but they were too cute to resist.
My very first two macros ever and then blanks and more blanks for someone less brain dead to macro.

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angry little asian girl

From Your Mod

Just to keep you all informed, I've made a few small changes to the community info page, the most important of which is a disclaimer informing people that failure to comply with the rules will leave them open for mocking. Because you know what? It will. I've also included a brief list of other macro communities to check out.

Mah kitties.

These are my babies. The black and white one is Houdini, and the Tuxedo male is Daredevil. Both named for very good reasons. Daredevil lives up to his name, and Houdini has a method of disappearing that we haven't figured out yet ^^.

I just hope these are at least somewhat funny.

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unicorn sparkle

It's you and me, moth

Hi. I've been a long time lurker, and stole these pics from this community and around the net to macro.
I hope my first offering pleases........there are lots of them, like around 40.
There are some of my own humor, and tons of references too. If you know them all....you're as crazy as me ;)

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(no subject)

I made a macro with my cat! Yaaay! He's a longcat, and we were trying to get a proper longcat picture of him. This one has been cropped because you could see right down my roommate's shirt. ;)

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Edit: Those lazrs? Totally not 'shopped.


I'm looking for a macro I saw a while ago. It had a small kitten with glowing eyes batting at a very confused dog. I belive the caption read 'I killd yo masta!' or something of the like.
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1 macro and a couple blanks!

Here's my first attempt at macros. The photo site where I host my pics had a photo contest called cats and many of them are "purrfect" for macro-ing. The blank for this one and a couple others are under the cut. I'll be sure to post more :)

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My apologies if any of these have been posted before, but I don't think they have :)