March 3rd, 2007


First Post!

Berlioz weighs in at about 15 pounds...Not King-Kong, but still not a feather-weight. He was distressed that this particular box's "One-Size-Fits-All" was not up to his standards.

Yzma's not too bright, but she loves being rolled up in the carpet. She'll sit like that for 20 minutes at a go...which is about as long as her brain can do anything. I can only assume that the rug roll serves her purposes somehow.

Again. Yzma. When she naps, she naps hard. This is the sign of a kitty on her coffee break.

My blind kitten and my big boy, Berlioz get along wonderfully. However, the kitten is very 'touchy,' and after a long day of being laid on, patted, licked, gnawed upon, and generally pestered, poor Berlioz starts to look a bit frazzled.

I double checked the posting rules, but if I am in violation, please tell me. I will happily place images under cuts as necessary. (Since they're all 'preview-sized' that shouldn't be a problem, right?)
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First time poster

I have been lurking around for a while now, and finally decided to post some pictures of my kitties. I don't feel that I am creative enough to macro these myself, so I would love for someone else to do it for me. Please and thanks!

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Choji - Turkey Cat

My 1st. Postin'

Hey all!!

Thanks to my fellow LJ'er camui-shei, I have decided to join the community & post some pics I grabbed from the randomkittengenerator.

Enjoy!! And leave comments!! And if I've done this wrong, please let me know! 

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kat kong

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(oh and before anyone asks, kitty was not put into that bottle for a picture. he actually crawled in himself. while his frantic owners were wondering whether to break the jar, he got a paw up the opening and they were able to pull him back out. )