March 11th, 2007

audrey-kawasaki girl w cat

It's a miracle!!!

2 months ago this week my precious kitty Church vanished! poof and he was gone. He'd never been outside and was declawed (not my doing btw), we had no idea how or why he'd gotten out but he was gone. A few mile radius around our house looked like an explosion of confetti as we put flyers up everywhere...we searched high and low. I was TOTALLY devastated, he was my baby!

Well my dear caturday friends today a miracle occurred when my neighbor knocked on our door to ask if a cat in her yard just happened to be mine. It's a miracle I tell you. My baby is home...he's lost about 10lbs. but is othewise fine...and I'm just ecstatic!!!

Hoping maybe you guys can help me celebrate!

Macro my baby won't you

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Hi, New Member Here
This is My Cat Turbo
The First Few are him in his glory lol
He's a bit Older now and as he no longer
will groom him self he get's a Pretty little
hair cut every 6 weeks. Thus Comes the last pictures lol

I have put some more under the cut for everyone with a little
bit more creative Jucie then me!


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First postie AND Macro!

Felix kitty says "Macro me plzkthxbai!". My dad was silly enough to leave me his professional grade Nikon digital for three days. So I snapped a TON of pictures of my cat (the best few are under the cut to be macro'd by people with more talent and wit than I). Our 'little' bitch kitteh weighs in around 17lbs, and he's not really very overweight. 4 years old, freak of nature (i.e. he has mitten paws in the front, with a nearly-opposable thumb).

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