March 12th, 2007

Omg No Wai

Fight teh_Stupids!

First-time poster here. I live in a house with three cats--two of which are my very own--and take many pictures of them, so I suspect I'll be using this community often.

Now on to the macros!

Galadriel expressing distaste for stupids.

Galadriel again, caught in a moment of infinite fury (or a yawn, whatever you prefer to call it).
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By request...

Remember the old "Sure" deodorant commercials? "Raise your hand, you got it. Raise your hand, you know it. You feel confident, secure. Raise your hand if you're Sure."


A much better version IMNSHO...

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(no subject)

yey! I have been visiting here and caturday for a long time, ever since I saw a caturday montage on DailyHaHa (how did I NOT know about this before?? My life is now more complete...) Today is my first day of membership and the first apperance of my cat Scamper! Please give me feedback if you like on how I am doing on participating in this forum. Thanx!

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