March 17th, 2007

Wednesday Addams

Macro My Kitty?

I've watched this community for a while, and today I decided to just go ahead and join. Anyway, here's a blank of my Spaz (named so because she is one) and something I edited last night because I have no life. I'd love someone wittier than I to macro these.

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error value

Jesus Christ it's an ad!

                                         Next up:
"Join teh Armie! We have lazrs charged!"

"Dodge Ram FTW!"

"Voat Christo-Fascist KTHXBAI."

          ...all filled with cute kitties.                     
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First Post

I've been lurking for a while and decided it was time to post. I got many of the blanks from here, but I forgot the various people who originally posted them. If you can tell me, so I can credit them, I'd be most grateful!

This first one is not so much a macro as the blank just reminded me of those old school "Guinness is good for you" posters. So, for St. Patrick's Day....

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From crimsondevil's blank:

I also toyes with "Stop! What iz you doin? I iz not Annabelle Chong!" but thought that might be a bit long.

OOOH! A REQUEST! The blank pic of the kitty walking in front of a line of alsatians? I can only find ones with text on :(