March 20th, 2007


My Pokemons Macro

I used to have a macro of two cats with Gameboys (IIRC), and it read "Let me show you my Pokemon! My Pokemon - Let me show you them!" or something similar. I had it on my old computer, and now that I've got a new one, I'd love to have it back for my desktop again, but can't find it. (Whew! Sorry that was so long winded.)

Anyone have it?

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Macro us!

I've been sick and depressed lately. Its a long sad story I wont burden you all with...but I love Macros. They cheer me up so much...and it would make my day to see my kids macro'd!
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yep...I'm a crazy cat lady.
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important request

does anyone have a picture of a cat w. its arms out like its going to hug someone (like invisible hug)?

i've been really big into the free hug campaign and i wanted to make a kitty macro reflecting it.

& to make this legit: