March 21st, 2007

first post

i finally joined this community, yay! i wish i were as creative as some of you in here, otherwise i would have made my own. but i included three pictures of my cat muffin. they're pretty hilarious, so if you could think of a caption, that'd make me so happy!
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Bob and Latte

I went through my photos and found some of my kittens... I only have scanned a few so far, but if you would macro that would be much appreciated as I miss them very much!

If larger pictures are needed I am sure I can make them... I love my scanner
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I just found this communiy, and I have to say that it's endlessly amusing hehe

So I was wondering if someone could macro these two pics of my cat Reesh, please? He's my spoiled little baby, and I think these pics (could) have potential :)


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