March 26th, 2007


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ive been having way too much fun with this. i know this pic isnt perfect but if i have time ill try and do a better one.
if your wondering i croped out the beard and hat part of a pic of osama to do this one.


Lurker, Now Poster!

Hey everyone. I'm a total n00b here, but a long time lurker. I've come to have a bit of a collection of cute pics of my cat Persephone, and decided to macro a few. If anyone wants any blanks, feel free to ask for them :D

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Enjoy ^-^
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little blue dog



Couple days ago, someone posted a little animation of a cat whappin a little kid a bunch of times, ending with the caption "OWNED!" as the kid turned toward the camera about to cry ... hilarious, but I can't find it. Can anyone link me or post it in a comment? (Thanks!)

Here's one I found on ICHC that I haven't seen here: