March 29th, 2007

southpark style

Cat and hot Dog...

There are two pictures at the end of this page here that need macro-izing in a bad way, specially the second to last.
The site isn't in English, and I haven't (yet) the time to do such things as create macros...   I followed the link fro an LJ post in kittypix so you should be able to get permission to use the picture from them, (the post is here)
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I have to shamelessly plug for a minute: my journal is a collection of the icons I've created over the last few years. Its friends only (just so I know my icons are in good hands and no one is hotlinking). Just thought I would throw that out there.

Anyway...I posted this on wtf_catmacros but I dont think its too offensive so I'll post it here.

I am a Croc Hunter fan...I just thought this picture was beggin for it.
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