April 22nd, 2007

I should be sleepin...

but instead I'm celebrating a belated Caturday.... :D

Some things I found amusing today, while looking for cat pix to macro:

This image is copyrighted, click here for credit where credit is due... there is also a link to buy them...
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And this one has an entire blog to go along with it, describing one man's goal to tape bacon to his cat.
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Forgive me if they have already been posted, but I haven't seen them in the month or so that I've been on this community, at least!

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angry little asian girl

Help Your Community

I am encouraging you in the community to add tags to your posts and, if you have the time, go through old posts and add tags to them. For example, if you've got a longcat macro, tag it with "longcat". That way, people in the community will have an easier time finding particular macros that have been posted. I've added a tags section to the right-hand sidebar for easy access.
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me, ftw.

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I'd cross-post it but (a) I'm too lazy, (second) most of you are in the same cat macro comms I'm in (caturday and such) and (lastly) sif I want to be flamed with the cat cross post marco.
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