May 3rd, 2007


A blank and a Question for everyone

I hate to tag my name to something like this, but are any of you channers? I used to get on 7chan's /cat/ but its getting really ugly all over the chans anymore. They have a raid going on, over another site having "stolen" longcat. Now I can't say too much one way or another, but if the other site has a longcat themed image and is getting raided, does that mean /cat_macros/ could get hit by the chans as well?

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Socrates vs Squirrel, round 3421

Here's the back story: Socrate's hates squirrels. But the thing is, we live in the city. Near alot of trees. And there are squirrels EVERYWHERE. And this morning, a little squirrel discovered the suet bird feeder that I hang outside of the window. Needless to say, Socrates was VERY pissed off. I eventually had to close the window, and when I picked Socrates up, his entire body was ridgid and he was extremely pissed off, hissing and what not. I was able to snap a pic, though, and here it is for your macroing pleasure: 

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And I added a few to the bottom of his scrapbook: for those that want some more to macro :-D

oh hai

oh boy...i didn't make this one...but any law students familiar with this particular cesspool should find this amusing.

failing out of school now, kthxbai. :)
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spikes_kitty D#3

8 Macros

Even more macros  from me to you all.
Fun and silly kitties up ahead. All are with teh cute!
Macro #2  is my take on what cat spirituality  may be like, #3 is my take on how cats may see us, and the last one is something my mom would say when she was stressed with us kids.

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