May 22nd, 2007


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The original choices on the wheel : Life Imprisonment, Amputation, Underworld, Death, Forfeit Goods, Spin Again, Hard Labor, Acquittal, Gulag and Auntie's Choice. Perhaps we should make one for here with "All our lives hang by a thread. Now we got a man waiting for sentence. But ain't it the truth: you take your chances with the law, justice is only a roll of the dice. A flip of the coin. A turn... of the Wheel." The punishments would be along the lines of Cat captions Imprisonment, Fail, Underworld, An hero’ed, Forfeit photoshop, Spin Again, Macro’ing with paint, Acquittal, Gulag and Auntie Kittydoom’s Choice.
Alice in Underland | White Rabbit

need macro omg

I was watching a kool-aid commercial, where Kool bursts through a wall... into a lion pen! The lion roars, and he has a "Holy shit, it's a lion!" look on his face.

If anyone else can figure out a way to get an icon, animated or otherwise, of this, I'd be highly amused for several long moments. :P