September 10th, 2007


I can has waste of time?

The facial expression is what got me.

On a related note, my boyfriend and I went to a Mongolian Grill restaurant this weekend that we decided had to have been run by lolcats because there were handmade sharpie-on-notebook-paper signs all over telling us "no boxes for leftovers" "one napkin per person" "one scoop of rice only", and the instructional signs above the buffet where you build your food-to-be-cooked were written in text message "pls put ur meat on top of ur veggies. thnx n enjoy!" and the sauces were "very spyce" and "very fruitly". The only thing that was missing was a "kthxbai" sign at the register.

But we got them back, oh yes. I took 5 dumdums instead of two. Muahahahahaha! Stingy-ass lolcats-in-a-Chinese-man-suit. *shakes fist* *shakes it hard*


Wonder Woman rules
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MOAR blanks

Here are some blanks.. the ones with the rat are from a recent FWD I received. Some of them have to be usable! The other two are random, one I know I've seen macroed before, the other is from Petco online (don't ask).

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