September 13th, 2007

  • kumori

everyone's sick of him. i know

this idea was distracting me my entire car ride home from class this morning, and after seeing two car accidents, i figured i may as well get it out of my head to avoid getting in an accident myself.

i went back and looked to see if it had been done, and i didn't see anything. if i missed it, apologies. dammit.

this is my first macro. it's quick and dirty. i'm taking digital imaging this semester, so hopefully any future macros i do will be prettier. don't hate.

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while i'm here, if you made the macro in my icon, please tell me. i said i'd give credit and i wrote down the name... and then promptly lost the paper. i feel bad. :X
  • t3hc411

I's in ur community...

...lookin' fer blanks. c:

See, there's this lolcat of two ginger kittens playing with some walnuts on the floor:

I need to make an icon out of it, but the text gets in the way of my croppings. Does anyone know where the blank is?

Thanks in advance~ c:
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One more Ceiling cat.

OK This one has a bit of a back story. The other night, me and a group of three friends, one who was wearing a rather large fox tail walked into McDonald's after auditioning for something. The employees were incredibly rude to us because of this fact, told us that the dining room was open but the drawer on the register wasn't and we left. On the way out, another group went in and got their order immediately.