September 25th, 2007


Martial Arts Macros

Due to some douche bag breaking in to my house and stealing my computer, I now must build up my macro collection on the new computer.
Anyway, the point of my request is this: Any and all martial arts related macros, KPLZTHX?
Please also feel free to include, along with the expected and traditional Asian Martial Arts, anything boxing, wrestling, or MMA themed as well.
Thanks in advance! :-)
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blanks...loooooooooooootsa blanks...

since everyone's been macro-ing their own kitties, i felt that i should show off my own furballs as well. these are all blanks, because for some reason, i'm having trouble making funny macros for them....they just turn out odd, like oblong pancakes or something. SO HELP ME OUT!! make my kitties stars!

i've also included my best friend's boyfriend's cat, scotland. he's not mine, but i wish he were.

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