October 8th, 2007

CMR Photography

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 my kitty Chicco is notoriously hard to take a pic of because she runs away form the camera constantly.  i did manage to get a funny one of her eating my hair last night though.  

anyone wanna macro it? (feel free to crop my head out if you like *haha*)

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this ipod sucks
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I got the blanks for the following at this site and one from SOMC:

Can't believe I'm jumping in the bandwagon...

A few breaks from the newest meme craze (will it outdo the infamous ceiling cat mania?):

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Macro requests

Does anyone have a kitten they could pose on top of a toy tank please?
Caption: "can has tank pleez?"

I'd also like one of a kitten chewing the heel of a shoe, caption "heel times nao!!"
I really want the tank one though.

Yes, I'm a filthy WoW-head.
Many thanks in advance.