January 6th, 2008

Awsome cat powers
  • siani

Sofie on a rampage

My boyfriend got one of those little dragonfly helicopters for Christmas, that you can pilot around your living room. Rory, our boycat, merely hates it and avoids it, but Sofie decided early on that it was probably edible, and has been after it ever since. But since she has been wapped in the nose with the blades a few times in trying to capture it, there is now a deep set enmity established between the two, which is both entertaining and macrosable!

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Munki returns!

Hi guys! Back again with a new pic of my cat, Munki, that I took earlier this morning. Since I cannot macro to save my life, I'll leave it up to all of your awesome wit. Sorry the picture is kinda bad quality, it was taken with my phone D;

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