January 26th, 2008

Evil McEvilpants

For your viewing pleasure...

One dozen lolcats. Just like eggs, some may be cracked and some may be rotten. Some might have two yolks (I hate it when that happens) and some just might contain an inky-binky chicken. Presenting "Cat Slumber Parties" and more! Blanks from various sources. Maybe I'll post actual macros when my brain thaws.
Cat slumber party

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Felis dorkus
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First Post

Okay, this is what happenz when ur home sick wit plaig and can't brain... Maybe lame but WTH... and now that I look carefully I think the first one might be a dog... or a very large multi-colored green-eyed rat... :P So I will delete it if that's the consensus... ETA: deleted. So, two. Hey, I said I can't brain.

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Blank request

'Allo! Would anyone here happen to have a good blank of an exasperated cat? One hiding its face in its paws or somesuch. I'm too deaded and irratible to brave the intarwebz looking for it myself -_- TIA!