February 12th, 2008

oontz kitty

macro my cats?

I feed (and sometimes find permanent homes for) a bunch of stray cats in my neighborhood. Two of my regulars I have named Charlie (the little grey one) and Patch (the scarred black one - I actually found him a home yesterday). I snapped a few photos of them, but my funnybone is broken, so I thought you guys might want to give it a go.
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Hey-a, we is anonacat.

I believe this has a level of awesome that transcends Rule #6.

Edit: For those who can'a speak Teh Kitteh....
Hey-a, we is anonacat.
We haz been in yer sitez watchin’ ur filks.
We see whud u did der.
We no whud u bin doin wif yer peeps.
Teh lays, the lawsoots, teh deed peepel n stuff.
U got caught in butt sechs and ceiling cat is not amused.
We is gonna ate allz yer cheezburgers
and poop n your corm flacks.
We is gonna pwn u.
pwn ur websitez,
pwn yer blags.
pwn your girlfriend wif butt sechs.
We know that u b strong n stuff, but we is not impretz.
We are a lots,
we be have a lot of kittahs
that can be catz fer us if we be get deed.
We are in your base, liberating your doods.
For teh gud of yer peeps.
For teh good of the kittehs everwhere,
and for de cheezeburgas, we is gonna make yer cult be kilt.
We are anonycat.
We are the leegun.
We haz a flavor.
We is no skert.
Expect We.