February 22nd, 2008

doctor pram

Home-made macros!

I heard a noise in the hall that sounded like maybe a cat was into something he or she shouldn't have been. I found my four-month-old kitten, Radar, diving in and out of an empty Coke 12-pack fridge box.

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It is worth noting that the coke box migrated from the kitchen across the living room to the bedroom hallway.
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Hail kitteh by ghostbee

Request and blank here

I'm looking for that macro of a little squashed-face orange and white (?) kitten, seemingly peering from behind a potted plant. The blank has been used for "I'm on ur table, preenin ur plantz" a while back, but the one I'm actually looking for says something like "Plz come here, girl. Girl, i am nice" or... something like that.

Here is a blank I found on google while looking for it... It was funny how it has nothing to do with what I was looking for, except it had a cat. It looked macro-worthy.

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