March 14th, 2008

angry little asian girl

From Your Mod

Dear Beloved Community:
Rule #8, the one pertaining to dead and mutilated cats, does not apply when it is an image that is in no way realistic looking and clearly a poor photo manipulation. That being said, I sure as hell do not want to receive any messages like the following in the future from any member of this community.

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The moral of the story is this: It is not my job to police the internets and censor or force behind cuts anything and everything that might potentially offend someone. I also believe that it is a parent's job to monitor and control what their children view on the internet, again, making it not my fucking job.

I wrote the rules of the community so I know what violates them and what doesn't. A picture of a cat with fake blood that is clearly Photoshopped does not constitute a dead or mutilated cat.

Also, telling your mod that she's not doing well at her job is not a smart way to get on her good side. She might make an example of you before the entire community. And yes, I hope this turns up in stupid_free. It belongs there.