March 17th, 2008

the special hell

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We got fish today. Also discovered today that the kitty that adopted us over the summer seems to be half maine coon cat which I find to be great. Anyway, Delilah is veeeeerrry interested in the fishy tank. :P

In light of recent LJ asshatery I say this. I took some amusing pictures for the express purpose of being posted as FREE USE for anyone on the internets who would like to use them. I do not have a copyright on these images nor do I plan to pursue one. They aren't even that good in the first place. :P

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 Sorry if I'm flooding or anything, but once I post, I find something else to macro and post.  this is another one from stuff on my cat, and I hope I am doing this particular type of macro correctly.  This kinda stuff I am new to.