March 20th, 2008

Bell Witch


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All from my macros (or paraphrased, blah blah), though not just reduced because that never works. Available to anyone who wants them. Credit me if you feel like it--just don't say you made them if you don't want to credit me. Let's see how bad the formatting will be messed up over here. >:{
1.No private wankfest2.That ain't right3.D'oh!4.Gracias
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KITH Dave.

WTF Photobucket

Does anyone have the macro of the sad cat sitting in front of a laptop with the caption THEY R MAKE FUN OF ME? And does anyone have any idea why Photobucket may have removed that particular one from my account for violating its TOS? If they start doing that to all my macros then...well that's going to suck because I don't have the room for all those macros on my computer.