March 21st, 2008

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As Promised: The Video of "LOL Together"

Last month, caprine posted the lyrics to "LOL Together", a LOLcat filk of The Beatles' "Come Together" that we co-wrote right after our last concert. It then got picked up by this community, where it was commented on extensively, comments which included requests for me to post the video should we ever perform it.

We performed it at our show in March, and it was recorded by Sun Moon & Stars Productions. I took that recording and posted it to YouTube yesterday:

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Feel free to post and disseminate this (and any other of my videos) in your own personal journals or to other appropriate communities as much as you please.*


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Beatles + lolcats = "LOL Together"

Remember this post?

The video of "LOL Together" from my March 15 concert with ebenbrooks is now up on YouTube:

"LOL Together" video.

Commenters have said "One of the best videos on this here series of tubes" and "This video is made of so much win I cannot begin to express it."

"LOL Together" lyrics.

It's been linked from the I Can Haz Cheezburger news blog, Extra Cheez.

I am having a really, really good day.