May 30th, 2008


Owl Cat

I found this pic and thought it begged to be lol'd. In fact, it's on, so I'm not alone, apparently. Anyhoo, I cannot brain today, I have teh dumn. This was all I could come up with.

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the special hell

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To keep this legal here's a couple cat macros. :P But the real reason for this post is because I am very sad right now. My mother in law just called in tears. Her dog Bailey has developed a serious heart condition. It requires surgery to correct, but even if the could afford it (which they can't) Bailey would still be in pain and the condition would probably resurface again and again. They have made the painful, but right decision to put her down, rather than let her live out her life in pain and to tired to do anything but watch the squirrels that she used to chase. Right now she is medicated for the pain and spending a comfortable night being pampered by the ones she loves best. I was hoping that a few kind souls might be able to make some macro's of her for us and give us some smiles.

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