June 6th, 2008


Bubby... may he go to the black forest where he's camoflaged :)

When we moved in early February, we had one of our brood of cats left. Death and running away thinned it out at the end at our old place. When I was bringing Bubby from the car to the house, as I was getting to the door, he started flailing about and jumped out of my arms and ran off. We were told by the locals that the area had a feral cat problem. Well, I thought he might find his way home because he always recognized our cars.

I went out today to get the mail. There was a dead black cat at the base of the mailboxes, so I came in and got a trash bag to shield my hands. After I checked him out, yeah... it was Bubby.


Sorry (I'm a little too stupid right now to try to figure out the lj cut of an image, all it gives me is the text and is all screwed up, and the client I used to use didn't really help either) for just posting the link.

I gave that picture to a (now an ex) girlfriend to put on a website called the Daily Orange. They took pictures of an orange and posted it. He was on for Halloween 2002 or 2003.

Macro away. He deserves something appropriate, and I just can't come up with it right now.
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