June 12th, 2008

  • nayva

Feel free to ask for blanks

My aunt adopted three kittens that showed up on her property and has fallen in love with them.
She sent me some pictures. I'm also smitten--and I get to see them in a few days!
But of course, the pictures begged to be macro'd. I has diff'rent vershuns, too!

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Your Mod Has a Question

I'm thinking of making a coffee table sort of book of classic cat macros. Possibly followed by a book of non-cat macros. I have a collection of a couple thousand macros (Really.) and I think I could make a pretty decent book out of them. But I'd like your opinions:

Poll #1204125 Cat Macro Book

If I were to make a book of classic cat macros, would you purchase one?

Yes, for it would be a book of awesome.
Possibly maybe.
No, they're all online already.