June 13th, 2008


Macro my cat?

Hi guys, long time lurker, I lack creativity so I haven't tried macroing any cats myself. Hopefully I've weeded out the pics I have that are purely "lookit my kitty!" and kept to the legitimately funny ones (like dressing him up as an ewok XD).

I present to you my tuxedo, Mewsashi Meowmoto (e-cookies if you know who he's named after ^_^ )

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angry little asian girl

Macro Book Discussion

So to elaborate on the cat macro book idea: I've listened to your suggestions and agree with a lot of them. My thoughts on how to undertake the book: I would like to do kind of a Cat Macros 101 sort of thing. Discussion of the origins of macroing, how to make a successful macro, etc.

There are issues of copyright law. I'm well aware of that. Also, web resolution vs. print resolution. Sooo... I am taking submissions of macros and/or blanks. By doing so, you're giving me full permission to use them for the book or some sort of other print thing - calendars were suggested. (Honestly, I think it'll only sell to people in this community and I'll be doing it on a DIY book-building site.) I can't offer payment for usage of your material but hey, it'll be in print, yeah?

This is just going to be a fun project - once I get everything up an running, which might be a bit - so no one needs to get their panties in a bunch over it. So if you want to submit macros or blanks that you have made yourself, send them to macrosubmissions@gmail.com. All submissions should be 100-300dpi (300 preferred). Please include your name so I can give you credit in the book!

And yes, I am working on a website where I will post choice macros and other odd, wonderful things I find on the internets. I'll let you all know when I get it running.

Hello all

Hey there,

I just joined this community, so I though I'd say hi.

I had 2 cats up until Wednesday, when my kitty Lennox (the black kitty) passed away. As a tribute, I made some kitty macros of her and her sister, Tigerlilly. Enjoy.

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Hopefully Tiger will give me more macro-making opportunities soon... :)