July 14th, 2008


Goodbye, Ivan

Today my little Ivan is being put to sleep.  He has inoperable cancer.  I'll miss him.  Maybe this isn't the best picture to macro, but here's a great shot of him in better times...

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*Edit:  My vet came to our home and it was a beautiful sunny day.  Ivan enjoyed very much being outside with Mom and Dad, mowing the grass (ha ha).  We put him to sleep on our picnic table, she barely got in a half cc of the sedative before his little body gave up.  He went very peacefully.  Thank you so much, community, for your lovely thoughts and clever macros.  I appreciate the support from kindred spirits here on the small world we call TEH INTERWEBS.  *hugs back*
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Inspired by the other kitty angels posts


I realized I had pictures of our cat Morris Tig on my laptop. He was my grandmother's cat, but he got shuffled around when she had to go into a nursing home. She originally wanted to name him Morris, because she named all her cats Morris (when you see the pictures you'll know why), and I wanted to name him Tigger after the Baby-Sitters Club cat. Reached a compromise and he became Morris Tig (affectionately known as Tig, Tiggy, Tigger etc.)

I'll never forget the night we brought him home. I was eleven and  he was going to be a surprise for my nana who was living with us at the time, adn she had to have hip surgery, so she was out of the house. All night long he kept me awake as a little kitten would, bouncing around all night wanting to play.

He eventually went to live with my half sister, but he remained his sweet lovable self even though he had to move a few times (but always in the family). She finally moved down to where I'm at in Texas with her boyfriend (her father lives down here) and settled in with Tig and her other kitty Skye.

Last June they found him under his favorite tree and buried him in the backyard. He was about twelve years old.

Maybe you can help macro this sweet boy?

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