October 3rd, 2008

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I work in a family-owned pet store and we're kinda.. moderately famous in the community. That is, everyone knows we know our shit about animals and they tend to think that that makes us vets or somesuch. Ergo, everyone brings us stuff. All the time. Some stuff we send right back with them - "Hi, I rescued this turtle!" "Where from?" "The river" - and other things we take on, mostly because we're all suckers for animals and can't resist the opportunity to save a life.
ANYKITTY, I was at work one day and a couple wandered in with a small black & white lump. On closer inspection, it was a day-old kitten, complete with dried-up umbilical cord. Having bottle raised about 40 kittens by this point (all who were adopted out - I'm not a cat person!), I wandered over to offer my assistance. Once the couple heard about what it would take to keep this kitten alive, they asked if I would please take it... which I did.
I intended to foster this kitten until he (as my cursory under-tail glance led me to believe) was old enough to be adopted out through the store, but my boyfriend fell in LOVE with him, named him Gamba (a Shone/Zimbabwan name meaning 'warrior') and I guess he's.. ours now.
Of course, now he's 6 weeks old and I checked his gender again, and hey, whattayaknow, Gamba's a girl.

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Yay! So many kittehs. Just so everyone knows, the store covers all vet care and feeding for the kittens while they live at home with me.

Edited 'cause I forgot one!
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