October 25th, 2008


Macro our kitty, please?

Hey everyone,

My cat Rocki, who would have been 21 this coming February, had what seems like a stroke yesterday. She's not in good shape and my brother, who grew up with her, thinks it's time. I agree, although that doesn't make it easier.

A feral cat who kept having litters (and was impossible to trap, spay and release) kept eating my mother's birds (yes, they came in through an open window, knocked down the cage, opened it and chowed down, twice) had a litter and I took as many as I could get, managed to tame them and found homes for two and kept Rocki for my brother, who was tolerant of the one-year old. She's a special cat who used to swipe at me whenever I yelled at my brother, which would make me stop and we'd laugh, forgetting whatever set us off.

My brother's in Alaska, having been assigned to an Air Force Base in Anchorage and he's sad he can't be here with her when I take her in this afternoon. Here's a few (large) pictures of Rocki I took recently. If someone could do captions, for my brother, he'd really appreciate it.

I just can't right now.


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Edit: She went before I could take her in; she died in my arms and at home, not in a cold clinic with strangers around her. Thanks to everyone for their kind words and thoughts; you really helped us.

We're all going to miss her a lot since we grew up together. I just hope it doesn't rain before I can put her to rest in a nearby park.

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Modern Proclamation


Hello everyone!

My friend sraedi referred me to this community, I have a lot of pictures of my cat Edmund but I'm not sure how many are macro worthy. I did find this one on my cellphone though and thought it might qualify :)

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