January 8th, 2010

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o hai...

My cat, Cid, is evil. Here is my evidence:

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(If the picture is still entirely too large I'm sorry. Photobucket's resizing is being a b*tch.)
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Meet Staalsy ^_^

so my friend Sara (AKA: less_than_182) just rescued a cat. His name is Staalsy (after Jordan Staal, Center for the Pittsburgh Penguins), and he's completely adorable. last night she caught him playing hide and seek in her stuffed animals. and i thought the picture was just so damn cute that i had to macro it.

So a little background, Staalsy is an FIV postive stray that turned up starving (literally and emotionally) outside her house. being the awesome person she is, she took him in and gave him a home. he gets along fine with all her other cats and takes his medicine without complaint. it seems he's just grateful to have a warm home and be cared for by someone so loving.

Also, Sara has started a blog about life with Staalsy and the emotional trials of caring for a FIV positive cat. seriously give it a read, it will make you "D'awwwwwwww" all over the place. ^_^

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