January 28th, 2010

Oh, dear. NOW I've done it.


I, uh, went a little crazy a couple nights ago.


No.  Wait, scratch that --  I went a LOT crazy.
I basically went FUCKING NUTS.

Sat there for hours, until the sun came up,.... macro-ing.
One right after another.

I have too many to post all at once (I'd probably crash the servers or something if I did), so I'll be nice and break it up over a few posts - maybe more than several.  Plus, I'll kind of arrange them by, oh,.... style?  Tone?  Something like that.

Sooooo, anyway,.... yeah.
Here we go.......

(Into the craziness within my mind.
You've been warned.....)

See you on the other side...


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Blue Haired Girl

Macro Me!

This is Ash (Siamese) & Sol.
I think the last picture of Sol would be a perfect "Ah, man...that weed was good" type macro. Butttt I'm not witty enough to come up with something good to say. =D

Here you are:

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Thanks in advance! =^;^=