September 29th, 2010


You Suck

You Suck

This is a photo I put on DeviantArt a while ago. This is my Medb (pronounced MAB) who is my vicious beast when she's not being a big baby. I took this during my failed attempt to wean her off sucking my fingers but it didn't work because when one bites a dummy, it doesn't inflict pain on anyone. Medb enjoys biting, having rough play, using her scalpel-like talons and behaves like she's teething every day. She has no excuse as she's at least 6 years old (I don't know how old exactly as she was a stray who just decided to move in) I think she might be a Norwegian Forest Cat. I decided to turn in it to one of those 'motivational' posters for fun. Then I just had to make it into an icon. Feel free to use them if you like.
you suck icon

btw: She's named after a Goddess because it's her strong religious belief that:
(a) she is one, and
(b) everyone in existence is simply there to serve her every whim!
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Hello Cat Macros and some blanks

Hello, everyone. I've just joined this community and I must say adore this community already, being a cat lover and owner myself.

I would like to share some blanks of my own pet kitties (Hanafi, Zaki and Nadir, my 3 black cats and Checkers, my tabby). Hopefully someone might have captions for them!

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