October 1st, 2010


Monty and Phoenix


This cat is Monty- or was. He got adopted maybe 4 days after volunteering at the shelter. While I was there, though, he'd always jump down from the highest window, to the top of the cat tower, to my shoulder. I'd call him "my little parrot" because he perched like a parrot on my arm, even while I was petting another cat.


This, however, is my baby- Phoenix. She was my early birthday gift, because of all the depression I've been going through. I can't explain why she's named what she is, I can honestly say the name just popped in my head and when I said it, kind of myself, she just looked up and I knew it was right. Because of said depression, they wanted her to latch onto only me- told me to stay in my room with her only whenever I could. The result? One cat depending and following only me. If I go upstairs, she follows. If I go into the bathroom to shower, she lays outside the door and cries, to only go into the bathroom to- well you know- she scratches and mewls at the door. Hence, my baby. But it doesn't help, I guess, when I treat her to vanilla ice cream :)
She also gets along with the dog perfectly, and at days you'll see them playing together (or, rather, Phoenix playing with Roxy's tail...)
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